Hack / Slash #20 Review

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Kevin Mellon

Publisher: Devil’s Due Publishing

It’s been a while since I took a look at Hack / Slash. I think maybe it was before the book started it’s ongoing life, but the stunning cover artwork by Shane White made it leap off the shelf at me.
Though this is part three of a story there was enough information for the main character scenes to flow well. It seems, in the 19 preceding issues Cassandra Hack, and her monstrous partner, Vlad, have developed impressively. There are a lot more layers to each of the characters now, and I find myself compelled to find out where they are headed.
I did have problems with other parts of the issue though:- an interlude featuring a man with a talking alien dog could have been easily helped by a “previously in…” panel in the front of the book, and the same would have helped me understand the motivatons of the ‘bad guys’, but I found myself drawn out of the read while trying to figure out what was going on.
I hope this is sorted out for later issues, as now it may best to recommend people give this a try at the start of the next story arc.

THE NEWs for… February 25th 2009

Every week there’s a plethora of new comic releases vying for your attention.

Here’s your guide to what will be new on the comic rack on Wednesday 25th February. What are you going to try?

and that’s it for the week? After all the new releases this month?

Okay, lets add in the big relaunch of the week:-

It’s a small week for new releases, so are any of you going to take a chance to try something different instead? What are you going to try?

Amber Atoms #1 Review

Writer & Artist: Kelly Yates
Publisher: Image Comics

Years ago, before the unification of worlds, the ‘Dar Tongo’ ruled in tyranny over all. Are there plans afoot for them to try and regain their status?
Amber Atoms lives on a Junk Yard with her parents, they don’t think she’ll amount to much.
It may be the sign of the times that we need more stories that are off-world and more outlandish. Titles that remove us completely from the economic woes we are facing, that take us into outer space and completely withdraw us far into our imagination. Or I may be looking too deeply for the reason in which new ‘Space Fiction’ titles are coming at us from left, right, and centre. The good thing is that, no matter the reason they are emerging a lot of these titles are a good addition to the monthly pull list.
Kelly Yates establishes an intriguing plot of seeming deception in attempt to obtain intergalactic presidency, while also grounding Amber Atoms as a brash, stubborn and wholly imperfect lead.
The visuals grab the attention most though: Kelly Yates’ art is easily comparable to, and quite obviously inspired by, the late, great, Mike Weiringo. You can see it in the character designs and the backdrops. In all, the book is eye-poppingly beautiful.
Image is on a roll with their new titles of late. Amber Atoms is yet another fine addition to their publishing slate.

THE NEWs for… February 18th 2009

Every week there’s a plethora of new comic releases vying for your attention.

Here’s your guide to what will be new on the comic rack on Wednesday 18th February. What are you going to try?

Bad Dog #1 Review

Writer: Joe Kelly
Artist: Diego Greco
Publisher: Image Comics

In Arizona, meet two bounty hunters: Lou, a Werewolf and Wendell, a ‘vertically-challenged, gutter-mouthed ex preacher with a hair-triger temper’. That’s all you need to know before you start this new outing from Man of Action studios’ Joe Kelly.

Joe Kelly and Diego Greco have created two fantastic characters for this new series, which hit’s the ground running. There may be plenty of swear words, that are swearing for swearing sake, but that’s half the fun of this book that has plent of heart and soul, bursting to come out. What keeps Lou from turning into human form? What is the fascination with the missing girl on the Milk carton? Is the talking head in Lou’s fridge caused by his enebriation or is it a reflection of himself? and the most pressing question…. does Wendell make a habit of defecating in his rivals’ vehicle?

If you’re faint hearted, if you’ve got an aversion to curseing and swearing, if double entendre isn’t your thing, stay far, far away from this book. For everyone else, here’s your new guilty pleasure.

Dead Irons #1 Review

Writer: James Kuhoric
Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Whereas zombie stories were the main emerging theme of comics five years ago, it seems that a new trend coming through is that of the use of classic monsters such as Vampires and Werewolves. Dead Irons takes those classic monsters and merges them into the old West.
Jason Shawn Alexander’s artwork is somewhere in between Jae Lee, Steve Epting, Butch Guice and Ben Templesmith, in the realisation of the book. Though, his use of shadow and colour, in both foreground and back, darkens the book so much that characters are difficult to tell apart. 
Sadly the confusion is not helped on the writing side: a lack of exposition, and a series of sharp scene cuts that are vaguely tied together at the end, bring an overall sense of incoherence. Hopefully future issues may shed more light on the happenings for Issue #1.

THE NEWs for… February 11th 2009

Every week there’s a plethora of new comic releases vying for your attention.

Here’s your guide to what will be new on the comic rack on Wednesday 11th February. What are you going to try?