Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 Review

Writer: Greg Hurwitz
Artist: Jerome Opeña
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Would you like to read a comic where the Hero crash lands in the middle of New York in a strange completely enclosed, flying Machine? Where the Hero bursts out on a souped up and armoured Motorcycle, capturing the bad guys with non lethal gun weaponry?

How about a comic where the hero propels himself from a Ladder extending from a aircraft, using his momentum to knock the bad guys cornering 4×4 onto it’s side and surfing on the 4×4’s side down a main city street?

How about a comic where a the Hero gets rid of the miniature manifestation of his literal “inner demon” by flicking him out of his taxi?

How about a comic which has one of the most complimentary Writer / Artist teams in recent memory. One where the writers script leaves the artist space to make some incredibly draw dropping panels, while creating an incredible re-introduction to the Hero?

You really should see what Gregg Hurwitz and Jerome Opeña have done with the Vengeance of Moon Knight #1 you know.

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