Vampirella: The Second Coming #1 Review

Writer: Phil Hester
Artist: Daniel Sampere
Publisher: Harris Comics

Firstly, I have to admit I know nothing of Vampirella’s history or longevity in the comic world. I may well have intentionally avoided it for the overtly sexual costume and covers, having failed to notice the list of top writers who have written the character.

Well the $1.99 on the cover was enough for me to sit up and take notice this time. Harris comics (like Aspen with their $2.50 title Dellec) are trying to counter the consistent price rises to $3.99 at other companies by putting affordable comics on the shelves, and its something people who want to pay less should take notice of.

In The Second Coming, Vampirella is “a myth, a cartoon character, some sort of viral image”. In Fact, the marketing has made Vampirella a brand as popular as “Hello Kitty”. Well this is the Vampirella that Kelly Robinson-Witten knows. A viral e-mail awakens a seeming memory in her, and suddenly she starts noticing a blood red V tag all around her city. This draws her from her job at Trinidad Women’s Resource Action Center to a mysterious encounter at the local library.

Meanwhile Kelly’s Husband, workaholic Frank Witten, meets his new project manager over dinner at the underground transit system. The location is as good as any for a gateway to hell, and the dinner laced to turn Frank into a pawn for he who resides below.

Vampirella was a decent little introduction for me, I wasn’t overloaded with information about the Vampirella that came before, there was a nice little hook of familial conflict being enhanced to quite a degree and there was nothing more overtly sexual than you’ll see in some of Marvels T+ books.

The artwork by Sampere impressed, in fact it’s clarity, linework and shading reminded me a lot of Mahmud Asrar’s Dynamo 5 work, and he certainly looks like a name to be watched in the industry.

I wasn’t expecting anything from Vampirella, I got an interesting title that looks like it will pique my interest without hitting my pocket. Bonus.

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