Magog #1 Review

Writer: Keith Giffen
Artist: Howard Porter
Publisher: DC Comics

He’s a marine who was critically injured, repaired by a pseudo-god and enhanced in the process. He became a member of the Justice Society, but not a popular one. Thing is he’s military trained, not ‘Hero must not kill’ trained. This sets up collisions with not only his team-mates, but the baddest bads in the DC Universe, in theatres of war across the globe, and closer to home.

With the huge number of characters featured in JSA, Magog has not had much of a chance to be fleshed out. Things are started to be resolved on that front here, and Giffen begins to show us what rules Magog lives by. He brutally takes out young soldiers guiding the living dead of a massacred Sudanese village through the jungle, and, closer to home, trains up a friend to protect herself from her violent partner.

Aided and abetted by his former military colleague, Magog has so many wrongs he feels are going unchecked by his super-powered peers, he even goes as far as using an iPod based random mission selector to choose his next destination.

Giffen weaves into the tale details of a hi-tech arms dealer (a perfect military based story) who matches Magog’s brutality, but with less discrimination.

Magog is off to a good start, and it’s nice to see DC willing to attempt to vary their line-up by having a character at the “Punisher” end of the Good-guy scale, rather than so many of their characters having similar moralities. I’m looking forward to future issues.

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