Red Circle: Inferno #1 One-Shot Review

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Artist: Greg Scott
Publisher: DC Comics

The injection of characters into the DC Universe continues in the second of four Red Circle one-shot that reinvent the Archie Heroes for today.
The lone survivor of a cruise liner has been brought to hospital. His amnesia is so severe, he can’t even remember the name he uttered on his arrival, Frank Verrano. The name doesn’t appear on the cruise liner manifest, in fact the name can not be found in any search engine database. “Six Billion people on the planet and I don’t get even one hit on Frank Verrano”. And why would someone go to the effort of disguising themselves as a porter to assassinate the amnesiac? And maybe more importantly, why can the amnesiac turn into a man on fire?
J. Michael Straczynski story merges action and super-heroics with extra portions of mystery and intrigue. A guest appearance by fellow Archie Hero, the Hangman, helps us establish Inferno’s moral leanings and really brings up an air of Robert Ludlum’s hero with no memory, Jason Bourne.
Greg Scott’s artwork is very similar in style to John Paul Leon and Paul Azaceta. Heavy shadows adorn many pages, so the partnership with colourist Art Lyon is incredibly important when it comes to making a fiery character leap off the page. The partnership works so well you can feel a back-draft penetrating your eyes.
Inferno might be the co-feature of the upcoming Shield ongoing series, but it’s definitely one to watch. Jump on now with this affordable one-shot…
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