Olympus #1 Review

Writer: Nathan Edmondson
Artist: Christian Ward
Publisher: Image Comics

Were you thinking that it’s about time that there was a new leading pair in comics? a decent duo who share lead billing, rather than a hero / sidekick affair? Well, brothers Castor and Pollux, known to some in the mythology world as Gemini, are perhaps the pairing you’ve been waiting for.
As “Hunters serving Olympus”, we’re introduced to Castor and Pollux chasing down the rogue Gregori across the backdrop of London, in an attempt to retrieve Zeus’ staff. And what’s more, they’re armed only with a hook and chain fit to drag their opponent back to the underworld.
The action of Olympus seamlessly runs from panel to panel, the fluidity enhanced by Christian Ward’s uncanny knack of capturing each panel at the perfect point in each characters motion. He treats us to crunching punches and motorcycle stunts in a truly unique style, creating focus with an incredible use of colour.
Saying that though, these characters are fully realised by Edmondson’s dialogue, which establish the brothers bond and their differences incredibly subtly but incredibly deftly. Their words exude realism and believability.
If you want to read a comic that comes across as it were a Hollywood blockbuster transposed into a 32 page form, then this is for you.
This is Hollywood action blockbuster fayre transposed onto the comic book page.
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