Proof #18 Review

Writer: Alex Grecian
Artist: Riley Rossmo
Publisher: Image Comics

We’ve stepped back to London in the mid nineteenth century, a time when this comics’ lead Bigfoot, Proof, goes by the name of Gulliver and resides with a circus / freak show. It’s a time in London when the Metropolitan police only have Ten detectives and therefore not a time when you want the mysterious Springheel Jack to be on a spree, murdering women. Detective August McKraken goes to the circus looking for help, and it’s through his words we’re guided through the recent happenings of London Town.
We’re also presented with some other residents of the circus, some tragic, some familiar, some with a deal of intrigue involved with their presence all part of Proof’s previously unrevealed past.
This is all wrapped up in Riley Rossmo’s unique artwork. You can look at a couple of individual lines or areas of his work, and it looks loose and scratchy, but his vision makes these parts of a whole come together in amazing ways creates an incredible ambiance across the book.
To tie up the package, Proof not only features a letters page, but a back up story, newspaper clippings a guest article and Pin-ups. There is not one ad in the book, not even a house ad.
Proof #18 is a good jumping on point, and well worth the look.
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