My Change in Comic Buying

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of updates, My Wife and I have our second child due in the next month, and sorting things out has gotten rather hectic.

Also this week, my comic reading life has undergone a radical change, mainly due to this Lying in the Gutters post. After a previous December ’08 increase in Diamond UK’s wholesale prices, they had announced a further rise. I spoke to my high street comic shop, and double checked what their new prices would be. From April I would have been charged £2.55 for a $2.99 comic or £3.45 for a $3.99 comic.
After the December price rise I had already reduced my standing order comics. I had to get rid of DnA’s fantastic Marvel Cosmic books, they had one no wrong and were consistently excellent, but the onslaught of the $3.99 tastic War of Kings forced me out. Other books I was on the fence with had already gone, I was essentially already down to only the books i was consistently finding fantastic.
I had one choice, mail order. The exchange rate and postage prices killed the option of services like DCBS, and eventually a Google search found 86th Floor, who have answering my questions and given superior service already.
From now on, the majority of my comics will hit the Door Mat once a month. I’ll still traipse to the LCS to pick up books to review, but reviews might be less current, but no less valid.
Thankfully, I, and especially my Wife are looking forward to the extra money that is well needed in this current climate.
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