Irredeemable #1 Advance Review

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Peter Krause
Publisher: Boom! Studios

So, I’m writing this review after the ‘sugar rush’ effect of reading the first issue Irredeemable. You get this feeling rarely in comics, when you go in not necessarily expecting anything from a comic, but getting everything.

Mark Waid has come out with an incredible first issue, an introduction to a world where the ‘Plutonium’, a Superman archetype has turned from his heroic ways. What would happen if the most powerful person on the planet started murdering women and children? Well the vicious killings happen in the first few pages, and the shocks go on from there.
True to comic convention, the Plutonian had once banded with his super-powered peers, but they can’t escape his murderous ways either. Now, they’re on the run in fear for their lives. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen heroes with this sense of panic, this sense of fear, and that fear oozes off the page causing the momentum to build exponentially.
Peter Krause’s detailed artwork brings the world to life and without his immense skill with the little things from the characters facial expression’s to lobotomy scars, this couldn’t work as well.
I must also mention Andrew Dalhouse’s colouring perfectly finishes off the mood. The flashbacks, which give us insight into the Plutonian’s heroic beginnings, are bright and bathed in light. This stark contrast with the darkness of the present scenes ramps up the tension.
When you see this on the shelf of your local comics store, when you see the tick box on your online order form. MAKE SURE YOU PICK THIS UP.
Irredeemable is unrelenting in it’s flow, it’s shocks, it’s power and it’s pure brilliance.

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