Jersey Gods #2 Advance Review

Writer: Glen Brunswick
Artist: Dan McDaid
Publisher: Image Comics

Jersey Gods #1 set off to a flying start, it was one of the best opening issues I’d read in a while and left me really wanting to get my hands on issue #2. But there can be one main problem when a series start off so strongly: can it possibly live up to expectations?
Well I can tell you now, Issue 2 broke the expectation barrier down with a sledgehammer in it’s opening pages. It’s not just as good as issue #1, it’s better.

I think the main thing that sets this comic apart from it’s peers is that the characters are contagiously likeable. You’re instantly rooting for the good guys, smiling at their interactions and burgeoning relationships, laughing at their small talk. Part of this is from Brunswick’s use of switching the narrative device between characters, the other from seeing the words just ‘fit’ with each member of the cast.
Again, like issue #1, this issue the backdrop is switched seamlessly from the Cherry Hill Mall, to the God’s world of Neboron. The change from the benign to the wondrous is something that Dan McDaid handles so well and really adds to the ambiance.
I cannot understate just how much I recommend this series. It’s a pure joy to read.
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