Amber Atoms #1 Review

Writer & Artist: Kelly Yates
Publisher: Image Comics

Years ago, before the unification of worlds, the ‘Dar Tongo’ ruled in tyranny over all. Are there plans afoot for them to try and regain their status?
Amber Atoms lives on a Junk Yard with her parents, they don’t think she’ll amount to much.
It may be the sign of the times that we need more stories that are off-world and more outlandish. Titles that remove us completely from the economic woes we are facing, that take us into outer space and completely withdraw us far into our imagination. Or I may be looking too deeply for the reason in which new ‘Space Fiction’ titles are coming at us from left, right, and centre. The good thing is that, no matter the reason they are emerging a lot of these titles are a good addition to the monthly pull list.
Kelly Yates establishes an intriguing plot of seeming deception in attempt to obtain intergalactic presidency, while also grounding Amber Atoms as a brash, stubborn and wholly imperfect lead.
The visuals grab the attention most though: Kelly Yates’ art is easily comparable to, and quite obviously inspired by, the late, great, Mike Weiringo. You can see it in the character designs and the backdrops. In all, the book is eye-poppingly beautiful.
Image is on a roll with their new titles of late. Amber Atoms is yet another fine addition to their publishing slate.
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