Bad Dog #1 Review

Writer: Joe Kelly
Artist: Diego Greco
Publisher: Image Comics

In Arizona, meet two bounty hunters: Lou, a Werewolf and Wendell, a ‘vertically-challenged, gutter-mouthed ex preacher with a hair-triger temper’. That’s all you need to know before you start this new outing from Man of Action studios’ Joe Kelly.

Joe Kelly and Diego Greco have created two fantastic characters for this new series, which hit’s the ground running. There may be plenty of swear words, that are swearing for swearing sake, but that’s half the fun of this book that has plent of heart and soul, bursting to come out. What keeps Lou from turning into human form? What is the fascination with the missing girl on the Milk carton? Is the talking head in Lou’s fridge caused by his enebriation or is it a reflection of himself? and the most pressing question…. does Wendell make a habit of defecating in his rivals’ vehicle?

If you’re faint hearted, if you’ve got an aversion to curseing and swearing, if double entendre isn’t your thing, stay far, far away from this book. For everyone else, here’s your new guilty pleasure.
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