Dead Irons #1 Review

Writer: James Kuhoric
Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Whereas zombie stories were the main emerging theme of comics five years ago, it seems that a new trend coming through is that of the use of classic monsters such as Vampires and Werewolves. Dead Irons takes those classic monsters and merges them into the old West.
Jason Shawn Alexander’s artwork is somewhere in between Jae Lee, Steve Epting, Butch Guice and Ben Templesmith, in the realisation of the book. Though, his use of shadow and colour, in both foreground and back, darkens the book so much that characters are difficult to tell apart. 
Sadly the confusion is not helped on the writing side: a lack of exposition, and a series of sharp scene cuts that are vaguely tied together at the end, bring an overall sense of incoherence. Hopefully future issues may shed more light on the happenings for Issue #1.
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