Jersey Gods #1 Review

Writer: Glen Brunswick
Artist: Dan McDaid
Publisher: Image Comics

Jersey Girl, Zoe, is a control freak. So much so that all her boyfriends leave her. Her latest boyfriend dumps her in the Cherry Hill Mall, New Jersey.
Minog is a God. He’s not a very nice God and has been sent to carry out a task on Earth. At the Cherry Hill Mall, New Jersey.
Jersey Gods is a tight tale that is littered with contrasts. Most noticeably the contrast comes from the two polar opposite Narrators of the issue, Zoe and Minog. But there’s also the contrast between the sense of humour of the book compared to the eminent threat of the Evil Gods. Brunswick handles that balance amazing well and laugh-out-loud moments are weaved in with some shocking panels.  
Further contrasts are seen in main settings of the book, New Jersey, Outer Space, and the God planet of Neboron. Artist Dan McDaid, handles them all with ease, especially bringing out the other-worldliness of Neboron.
There is one constant to the book though, and that’s the fact that it’s great all the way through.
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