Eureka #1 Advance Review

Writer: Andrew Cosby & Brendan Hay
Artist: Diego Barreto
Publisher: Boom Studios

I’ll have to admit to not really being that au fait with the TV series of Eureka, but judging by this issue, co-written by Eureka co-creator (who just happens to be Boom!’s co-founder) I might just have to look up those DVD box-sets.

Normally I’d expect my ignorance of a tie in TV series to leave me lost in establishing the positioning of the characters and their relation ships. That’s definitely not the case here, and the mixture of the effectiveness of the artwork, and the helpfully uniformed characters drags me along with the flow.

This issue features a situation that’s apparently a bit ‘usual‘ for Eureka, a hostage situation. But there’s a twist and unresolved connections that can only leave a reader intrigued for more.

Eureka is a great read, and is one of those few books that could easily drag regular TV viewers to the comic medium.

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