Hero Squared: Love and Death #1 Advance Review

Writer: Keith Giffen & J M DeMatteis
Artist: Nathan Watson
Publisher: Boom Studios

You think boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are complicated enough…? Throw in your counterparts from a parallel dimension who happen to be Super-Hero Captain Valor and his arch enemy Caliginous and you get a “love square” that gets so complicated calling it a “love cube” might be more apt. 

Hero Squared first appeared in 2005, and continued as Boom! Studios first series. Against a backdrop where companies such as DC were cutting out the “Bwa-ha-ha”, Giffen and DeMatteis created a funny book set in the real world, pitting a Super-Hero from another dimension against our harsh reality. A reality where a battle over a suburban centre causes real damage and where the dead don’t come back to life.

In this first issue both the humour and the emotion that gave the previous issues their unique voice are back with a vengeance. Its a great contrast that makes the story of lead character, Milo, facing the reality of how an almost perfect version of himself can be, such a strong one.

The art baton has been passed to Nathan Watson, though his style is so strikingly similar to original artist, Joe Abraham, readers of old will struggle to see any change at all. 

To any potential new readers out there…. if you’re cautious about getting lost amongst previous continuity, don’t worry, there’s an awesome flashback scene that will bring you up to speed and make you laugh out loud.

It’s great to have Hero Squared back, it’s still the fantastic read it’s always been. 

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