Mysterius the Unfathomable #1 Review

Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Tom Fowler
Publisher: Wildstorm (DC)

Discounting persons of the Super-Hero persuasion such as Doctor Strange, I’m not aware of Spiritualist mediums having been featured in comics before. Even if they have, Mysterius the Unfathomable will become the benchmark for any such story.

This first issue introduces us to the pot-bellied Mysterius through a flashback of his partner’s first meeting with him. Mysterius’ skills become apparent as series artist Tom Fowler conjure’s up a harsh barron afterworld which contrast so adeptly against his characture-esque “real world”.

Jeff Parker’s words and direction can’t help but leave a smile on your face throughout the issue, and mixed with Fowler’s art makes this one incredible package.

All in all leaves Mysterius the Unfathomable is the first must have comic of 2009. 

  1. “must have” – wow that is a BIG statement

  2. Having bought the comic “blind”, not reading a single interview or preview, well, I was blown away. I couldn’t recommend this book highly enough, and you HAVE HAVE HAVE to get this book put aside for you.

  3. >>I'm not aware of Spiritualist mediums having been featured in comics before.Only one I can think of is Johann whatsisname in various BPRD &, I guess, Hellboy (I've read far more of the former than the latter) titles.

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