Gen13 #25 Review

Writer: Scott Beatty
Artists: Mike Huddleston
Publisher: DC / Wildstorm Productions

In times past an issue #25 would be a high profile anniversary issue. A fanfare blazed across the front cover. Issue #25, in this case, is Gen13’s fifth issue since the World’s End remolding of Wildstorm universe, and while it has previously paled to the other of the current Wildstorm titles, this issue certainly moves in the right direction.

In a post apocalyptic shopping mall, Freefall and Grunge have been seperated from the rest of the team. Whereas titles Stormwatch: PHD and the Authority have veered in the very dark reaches of the Wildstorm Universe, Gen13 #25 manages to link aspects seen in those titles with a lighter vibe. Don’t get me wrong though, Wildstorm’s trademarked harsh reality is still definitely visible (Just watch Freefall use her gravity powers for proof of that).

An encouraging cliffhanger rounds off the issue, and Gen13 will definitely be higher up the read pile next month.


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