Big Hero 6 #2 Review

Writer: Chris Claremont
Artists: David Nakayama
Publisher: Marvel Comics

As a fan of the previous iteration of the series by Scott Lobdell and Gus (Amory Wars) Vazquez, I had very high hopes for this series. Sadly, so far, it has not lived up to my expectations.

My main problem is the apparent de-aging of Go Go Tomago and Honey Lemon from their early twenties to late teens. This problem being exacerbated by the presence of the Marvel Handbook pages in the back of issue #1 that clearly states they should in their early twenties.

Issue #2’s lack of real story progression, with a childish prank on the un-introduced new character ‘Fred’ and a high school cooking demostration by Wasabi No Ginger, really adds to my dispair.

David Nakayama mainly captures the Manga style well with the odd panel slipping back to a more American feel, but it’s mainly his work that is saving this book.

Overall a so – so series that is stimied by it’s $3.99 price tag (albeit a 48 pages with a standard length story with ‘bonus’ material)


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