Noble Causes #32 Review

Writer: Jay Faerber
Artist: Yildray Cinar
Colourist: Ron Riley
Publisher: Image Comics

You may think issue 32 is a strange place for what amounts to a series relaunch, but look again. Add up the First Impressions issue, Four 4 issue limited series, the two Extended Family issues and the previous 31 issues of the current volume, and you’ll find that this is the fifty-first published comic with Noble Causes on the cover. That’s an impressive feat when you think how many ‘big two’ titles have come and gone since Noble Causes debuted back in 2001.

In an attempt to change things up for old and new readers alike we’ve been thrown forward five comic years since issue #31. The aim for the title to be accessible for new readers is widely realised in the first part of the issue with a documentary crew following the family. Faux screen caps introduce each of the family members in a well done twist on the standard “editors notes”. Anybody wanting to jump on board won’t be lost.

In that ‘comic’ time, old readers will find relationships changed , characters absent, and a few new additions that will bring a smirk to the face (wait until you see Zephyr’s new husband).

Though the ‘soap-opera’ moments are still there, the Noble’s have become more proactive. They rarely dabbled in super-heroics in the previous fifty issues, but this time they’re right in the thick of the action. Obviously learning from what has worked in Dynamo 5 story and character progression, Jay has brought the same soap / action mix here.

My only small (and I mean pretty minuscule) down point is to do with the artwork. I’m not sure whether or not NC is still being digitally inked, but the strength of the ‘inking’ lines varies between the larger and smaller panels, it’s probably a personal thing but it slightly jars the visuals for me.

All in all #32 is a nice new start. I’m looking forward to Noble Causes hitting the century mark.


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