Avengers: The Initiative #11 Review

Writers: Dan Slott & Christos N. Gage
Artist: Stefano Caselli
Colourist: Daniele Rudoni
Publisher: Marvel Comics

I’m a fan of both Gage and Slotts works, I’ve loved Caselli’s work since his work on Defex at Devil’s Due, and the New Warriors was hugely responsible for the volume of comics reading I’ve done over the last fifteen years. So why am I really not feeling this issue?

The Avengers own clone saga concludes as KIA’s rampage explodes from Camp Hammond into Tennessee, with the remaining Initiative recruits and former New Warriors alumni attempting to stop him.

The script and art share the same problem. The sheer crowdedness of it all overpowers the senses to extreme proportions. The colours seem quite muddied, with the shadows taking over the panels. There is one page where War Machine readies his armaments. Theoretically the scene is awesome but the darkness mixed with the framing of the sequence brings it down.

The story suffers from having too many characters sharing the limelight, with none being particularly prominent. A finale that really should have been of a huge magnitude felt distracted by flitting between so many character interactions.

In a time when so many people complain about story decompression, maybe here it’s taken too far the other way.


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