Nova #12 Review

Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Penciller: Paul Pelletier
Inker: Rick Magyar
Colourist: Guru eFX
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Paul Pelletier’s two issue run concludes, and it’s apparent as to why he’s been moved over to the May debuting Guardians of the Galaxy series. He nails the wonder and scale of the action scenes, while simultaneously hitting all the right notes on the more intimate character scenes between Nova, former New Mutant Warlock, and Warlock’s student Tyro.

Abnett and Lanning deftly handle the script. Propelling Rider from his battle with the Transmode Virus back to the Annihilation Conquest saga finale, in a way that is accessible to new readers, unfamiliar with the characters, but never over extravagant in explanations.

In today’s prevalence of realistic, “real world” heroics , Nova’s full science fiction wonderment is a must, and this issue just proves Abnett, Lanning & Pelletier are modern masters of the sci-fi genre.


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